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Franchises as a Form of Business Start-up Essay

Establishments as a Form of Business Start-up - Essay Example The Franchisee thinks that its simpler to pay the underlying and the sovereignty charges which are route lower than the necessary capital expense. When the expense has become a significant part of the business, Franchising has become a champ for worldwide organizations that expect to infiltrate whatever number markets as could be allowed in their worldwide business structure technique. McDonald's is among organizations that have an establishment with an end goal to grow their business inside new markets. The associations have benefitted from quick extension, utilization of successful plans of action and decreased cost entering new markets. From this note, diversifying has become a mainstream practice because of its productivity in business fire up. Â In the cutting edge business industry, associations are encountering strain to begin new organizations in the global market as one method of speaking to greater topographical space. One significant driver for expansionism in business is the immersion of nearby business markets. Prior to the 21st century, association pointedly focussed on the development of business inside the neighborhood showcases because of the expanding interest for items inside such markets. In any case, the interest in the neighborhood markets has arrived at a level stage and associations can make little benefits from these business sectors (Francois and Wooton, 2010). At the point when request stays level, associations are at the danger of bringing about misfortunes as costs go higher while the benefit stays consistent (Garg, Priem and Rasheed, 2013). Subsequently, associations are compelled to move out of the neighborhood showcases and think about going into new markets. In this manner, fall popular inside nearby nations has constrained associations to consider speaking to a more extensive land inclusion as the best way to stay gainful. Â Secondly, the upsurge of rivalry inside nearby markets has roused associations to think about propelling worldwide business methodologies.

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Miss Brill Free Essays

The chose section is from the finish of the short story Miss Brill, starting where Miss Brill sees the kid and young lady who plunks down on the seat close on her right side as far as possible of the story. In â€Å"Miss Brill,† by Katherine Mansfield, we are acquainted with the main lady called Miss Brill who discovers Sundays supernatural until she is compelled to step out of her fantasy and face reality. Each Sunday Miss Brill, who is ventured to be an English teacher, goes to the Jardins Publiques and takes her â€Å"special seat† to anticipate tuning in to the discussions of others. We will compose a custom exposition test on Miss Brill or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now This desolate more seasoned lady spies on others and begins to see all that she sees on Sundays as an arranged showy exhibition in which everything, herself notwithstanding, assumes a job. This is where she feels as if she â€Å"belongs†, in a kind of incredible dramatization that is evoked as far as she could tell. Notwithstanding, one Sunday her dream is broken by the discourteous and cruel comments of a youthful couple. Mansfield gives us how harmful reality can be to individuals who haven’t acknowledged or acknowledged the truth where they live. The story is centered through the character of Miss Brill and this permits the peruser to perceive what the character sees and feel what the character feels. Katherine Mansfield displays an itemized portrayal of Miss Brill. We see everything through the eyes of Miss Brill, and through sensational incongruity we frequently observe or understand circumstances diversely and maybe more precisely than she does. Through it, it very well may be seen that as a general rule, Miss Brill is continually without anyone else, she sits alone on a seat with her old hide that she appears to love more than anything and watches the world go before her. The furpiece can be thought of as an image of the proprietor. Both are of an age and the presence of the thing itself is wearing out, similarly as the delicate Miss Brill seems to be. She sees others sitting on seats Sunday after Sunday and considers them â€Å"funny†¦ odd, quiet, about all old†¦ as if they’d simply originate from dull little rooms. † Rather than consider herself to be one of them, she makes a dreamland to avoid confronting reality. The two minor characters that show up in the passage are the kid and young lady who plunks down on the seat. They seem, by all accounts, to be the â€Å"hero and heroine† of Miss Brills creative mind as they were portrayed as being â€Å"beautifully dressed; they were enamored. The legend and courageous woman, obviously, just showed up from his father’s yacht. † Katherine Mansfield utilized the two characters to uncover the delicacy of Miss Brill by having her â€Å"prepared to listen† to what they state, despite the fact that at long last thetruth that they talk about damages her profoundly. The youthful couple ridiculesand ridicule the â€Å"stupid old thing toward the end there,† and right then and there her fantasy disintegrates. They voice a reality that Miss Brill has been fleeing from and as is commonly said â€Å"why does she come here at all †who needs her? † Through the minor characters, Miss Brill’s preposterous nature is uncovered as she has been dismissing reality this time, attempting to clutch her dreams. However additionally showing her delicacy when in after she hears the couple’s discussion, she stops to have the option to carry on per regular. After her dreamland is broken, Miss Brill seriously strolls home, leaving behind things that she used to anticipate like the cut of nectar cake that was her Sunday treat. She sits on her bed, returns the hide in its container, and thinks she hears something crying. The hide is representative of something old and forlorn that has lost its magnificence throughout the years. The imagery of returning the hide in its container resembles setting dreams away. Also, at long last, it isn't the hide that is crying, yet Miss Brill. Her dream is finished and reality of her miserable reality soaks in to her. Step by step instructions to refer to Miss Brill, Papers Miss Brill Free Essays Mansfield did a great Job at utilizing subject through portrayal. She previously utilized Miss Broil’s mentality and appearance. Miss. We will compose a custom paper test on Miss Brill or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now Brills was a tasteful old woman, â€Å"Miss Brills was happy that she had settled on her hide. † Back in the period that Miss Brills lived, it was extremely rich to wear a kind of hide around your neck, this normally represented riches. The topic here would be acknowledgment, this associates with the world in light of the fact that there is consistently that one garment everybody needs or wears as a superficial point of interest. The creator additionally utilizes portrayal through activity or episode when Miss Brills is in her own reality going about as though she is part off play when two youngsters pull her back to the real world. † It’s her if-our which is so amusing, â€Å"giggled the young lady. â€Å"It’s precisely like a singed whiting. † This stuns Miss Brills since she has never experienced affront, she’s continually controlling what she needs to see and hear. At the point when the youthful couple ridicules her hide she understands that she doesn’t live in a dream and she makes some hard memories dealing with that. The subject here is reality. We all have that escape, we can consider something and our entire disposition changes like Miss Brills, and perhaps hat’s what a few of us need a getaway from the unforgiving scene such is life. The creator depicted Miss Brills as an itemized passionate character from the earliest starting point. The segment that most represented that feeling was â€Å"on her way home she for the most part purchased a cut of nectar cake at the baker’s. It was her Sunday treat; once in a while there was an almond in her cut, some of the time not. It had an extraordinary effect. â€Å"If there was an almond it resembled conveying home a minuscule present. † This one straightforward thing affected her entire whole day. That solitary almond decided either or not she would have a decent day or an awful day. It’s extremely tragic that all Miss Brills needed to anticipate what might be the chance an almond in her nectar cake. This identifies with society in light of the fact that there are many individuals who are self observers, and depend on a little bit of greatness like Miss Brills does. Human culture is so fixated on what we have going on that we don’t branch out and connect with others, which makes it hard for individuals like Miss Brills to fit in or feel significant. Tibias Wolff utilized portrayal through Hunters in the snow truly well, with Tub, Frank and Kenny. Tibias utilized the topic reflection for Tub just as physical portrayal, â€Å"You should see yourself,† the driver said. â€Å"He looks Just like an inflatable ball with a cap on, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he, Frank? † People Judge individuals ordinary in light of their weight, what garments they wear, what knapsack they have and whom they spend time with, our general public depends on partialities, found in reality just as the book. Jenny’s portrayal would be through his discourse since he was much the same as each domineering jerk on the planet, â€Å"Okay,† Kenny said. â€Å"l wont state a word. Like I won’t say anything regarding a specific sitter. † He’s utilizing the topic of intensity he thinks he has with something somebody readily confided in him with and utilizing it against him, individuals do this when they need something or they are Just discourteous. With respect to Frank his portrayal and subject was appeared through his feeling, â€Å"l mean _really_ in affection. † He crushed Tub’s wrist. â€Å"With your entire being. † Frank was an extremely enthusiastic individual, you saw it through the manner in which he treated Tub, and he was torn provided that he didn’t act like Kenny, Kenny would have abused his most profound mystery. Straightforward likewise had relations with a sitter, which he thought he adored; this may have Just been a concealment, for his reluctance to need to become more seasoned. She potentially caused him to feel alive once more. This occurs, all things considered, also individuals get to a particular age where they need to feel youthful once more, so they make alterations to their body and their way of life. These creators did a truly astonishing Job at utilizing portrayal through their accounts I truly felt like I comprehended the characters and what they were experiencing and how it identified with my life or my general surroundings. Step by step instructions to refer to Miss Brill, Papers

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Synthesis Techniques for Fabrication of Nanofibers

Blend Techniques for Fabrication of Nanofibers Part # 02 Blend Techniques Presentation The distinctive combination strategies for creation of nanofibers and nanoparticles will be talked about quickly in this section. The chose strategies and the test system for the combination of the nanoparticles and composite nanofibers will be examined in detail. Blend Techniques for Nanoparticles Blend strategy being utilized for the arrangement of nanomaterials is one of the most significant variables that influence the various properties of the nanomaterials. There are two significant classes of amalgamation procedures utilized for arrangement of nanoparticles Base up approach Top-down methodology Base up Approach Base up approach alludes to the union strategies wherein nanoparticles are made from nuclear scale to nanoscale. There are various strategies which allude to base up approach Co-precipitation strategy Sol-gel strategy Wet-Chemical Methods In these techniques the antecedent arrangements with proper stoichiometric proportions are combined and handled through warming bringing about the ideal item. Wet compound strategies are profitable on the grounds that the molecule size and shape is controllable and furthermore the homogeneity in molecule size dispersion can be accomplished by these techniques [ref]. these elements assume an indispensable job in improving the various properties of the material, for example, auxiliary properties, warm properties, electrical properties and so on. The given instances of the base up strategy are arranged as wet-substance procedures. In co-precipitation technique, the antecedent arrangements are combined and are warmed at a properly chosen temperature. The nucleation happens hastens are shaped. The by side-effects are washed away and the came about powder is additionally handled for the diverse wanted portrayals. Both the strategies are invaluable in their own particular manners however sol-gel strategy is increasingly advantageous and proficient technique for the planning of nanomaterials at suitably chose conditions. Additionally the significant downside of co-precipitation strategy is the non-consistency of particles because of the extraordinary agglomeration during the union [ref] Top-down Approach In top-down methodology, the material is handled from mass state to nano system by various strategies. Strong state response strategy is one of top-down techniques. Strong state Reaction Method In strong state response strategy the forerunners are straightforwardly blended and ground into fine powder. The powder is additionally prepared through water powered press and is pelletized for high warmth treatment for the most part said to sinter. The sintered pellet is portrayed to check the ideal properties of the example. The procedure happens at the interface of the solids (antecedents) at higher temperature. The suitable handling temperature and response time is chosen especially for the antecedents utilized. At higher temperature, the dispersion of reactants begins making the response start. For quicker response, high surface contact region of the solids and little dispersion separation for the reactant is required which is accomplished by the well-blending of the antecedents [ref]. Despite the fact that this is a minimal effort technique yet the significant downside of this strategy is the non-homogeneity in molecule dispersion and size. Polluting influence in wanted stage is additionally presented during the granulating system of the forerunners. The ideal nanostructure is additionally difficult to accomplish by this procedure [ref 54]. Sol-gel Synthesis Technique for NaxLi1-xCoO2 (x=0.0,0.5,1.0) Sol-gel strategy is one of the wet-substance techniques for the arrangement of the different nanostructures. The assortment of nanostructures can be created by controlling the different parameters of sol-gel procedure, for example, the sort of antecedents, dissolvable sort, preparing temperature and so forth the significant preferred position of the sol-gel process over different strategies is the stage immaculateness of the item just as the homogeneity in the molecule size and molecule size circulation. This procedure includes two significant advances Hydrolysis Buildup Hydrolysis of the chose metal oxide antecedent happens framing the specific hydroxides. The buildup happens to frame a system of connected hydroxides as thick permeable gel. In sol-gel process the antecedent arrangements are combined with a reasonable gelling specialist in fittingly chose proportion. The arrangement is then blended homogeneously and warmed until the gel is framed. The temperature is further raise to consume the gel which brings about powder development. The powder is heat treated and portrayed to examine the ideal properties. Exploratory Procedure Sol-gel technique is utilized for the arrangement of organization NaxLi1-xCoO2 (x=0.0,0.5,1.0). the antecedents utilized are: Li2SO4.H2O (99.99% immaculateness), Cu(NO3)2.6H2O (99.99% virtue) and NaNO3 (99.99% immaculateness). The chose antecedents were included proper stoichiometric sums into ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol was utilized as gelling operator. The molar proportion between the all out mass of forerunners to the volume of the gelling operator was kept 1:14 to accomplish the homogeneity. The arrangement was at first attractively mixed at room temperature to get the homogeneous arrangement. The arrangement was then warmed at 100Â ±2Â ºC until the development of the gel. The temperature of the gel was additionally expanded upto 150Â ±2Â ºC which made the gel consume. The came about powder was hen handled through pressure driven press to get ready pellets of measurements 13mm x 3mm. the sintering of the pellets was done at 550 Â ºC for two hours to accomplish high stage virtue. The stream outline of the test method is given in figure 2.1 Blend Techniques for Nanofibers There are various procedures used to create nanofibers, some of them are referenced Drawing Format Synthesis Stage Separation Self-Assembly Electrospinning Brief detail of every one of these strategies is given beneath Drawing Attracting is the techniqus to manufacture long single nanofiber individually from the bead of polymer. Following advances are associated with this strategy a substrate material is applied a millimeter drop of polymer arrangement a micropipette is moved towards the drop. When micropipette interacts with the drop, it is pulled back with a specific rate. which relies on the idea of the polymer arrangement. A long nanofiber is drawn from the fluid. The distance across of the resultant nanofiber relies upon the kind of the polymer, its sythesis, drawing speed and speed of dissipation of the dissolvable. The significant disadvantage of this strategy is that solitary a solid viscoelastic material that can experience solid twisting during this procedure when stress is applied while pulling the nanofiber, can be utilized in this procedure. Along these lines, decision of material is restricted in this procedure. Layout Synthesis In layout union, a metal oxide film having pores of nanoscale distance across is utilized. The metal oxide film is put over a hardening arrangement. Polymer arrangement is expelled by the layer by applying high water pressure over it. Polymer arrangement in the wake of going through the layer interacts with hardening arrangement which changes over the polymer arrangement into nanofibers. The breadth of the nanofibers relies upon the width of the pores of layer. Fig. 2.2 show the various advances engaged with this procedure. Stage division In this component, division of stages is included because of the physical contradiction. Following are the means in question A polymer is blended in with an appropriate dissolvable Gelation happens in this blend The last advance includes the partition of stages. One of the stages which is that of the dissolvable is separated abandoning the other outstanding stage. The rest of the stage is the nanofibrous structure. Self-Assembly Self-get together preparing includes the littler atoms as fundamental structure squares to develop the nanofibers. Particles are suddenly sorted out into an individual and stable structure with prearranged non covalent bonds. Nanofibers of extremely meager measurement can be manufactured utilizing this procedure however it requires exceptionally convoluted systems. The low profitability is another restriction of this technique. Electrospinning This is the chosen blend method for the momentum look into work. Electrospinning is the most effective and basic method to create ultra-flimsy nanofibers. There are various segments of the electrospinning arrangement which incorporate High voltage source Syringe Needle Metal Collector Schematic of electrospinning process High voltage source is utilized in this strategy. The positive finish of the source is associated with the needle while the metal gatherer is grounded by interfacing it with the negative finish of the voltage source. This makes the potential distinction between the two finishes which quickens the polymer arrangement from the needle towards the authority as arrangement stream. Before the arrangement stream arrives at the authority surface, the dissolvable of the arrangement is vanished and is gathered as an interconnected trap of the filaments. The polymer arrangement in the needle is held because of its surface strain, which actuates a charge on the arrangement surface. The charge shock and withdrawal among the surface charge and its counter anode causes a power that is straightforwardly inverse to the surface pressure. As the power of the electric field builds, the hemispherical surface of the arrangement at the tip of the needle lengthens to frame a conelike shape called Taylor cone. As the electric field is additionally expanded, the unpleasant electrostatic power defeats the surface strain of the arrangement and fly of the arrangement is launched out from the Taylor cone. The launched out polymer arrangement experiences flimsiness and prolongation process which permits the stream to turn out to be exceptionally long and meager. In the mean time the dissolvable is vanished from the polymer arrangement, abandoning a charged polymer fiber. In electrospinning tech

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Mental Illness And Mental Health Stigma - 1253 Words

Manic-depression illness or what is now referred to as Bipolar disease is not created overnight. It is a form of chemical imbalance that causes one to display both manic and hypomanic behaviors. It is a serious illness that affects all aspects of ones life. The omnipresence of mental illness is increasing in our time era. Our society’s mental health stigma is the basis for why countless of people do not receive the needed help, even as their lives begin to crumble. The prejudice faults placed on the one suffering from the disease hold back our efforts to progress with treatments and move positively with mental health. Dr. Kay Jamison was a senior in high school when she began experiencing the attacks that came along with manic-depressive disorder. It started with a manic phase in what she would describe as â€Å"hundreds of subsequent periods of high enthusiasm†, (Jamison, p. 37 ). As her mania phase leveled down, the depressive portion of the illness took its place. F eelings of fatigue, agitation, pain, and sadness took form of the pleasurable feelings she once had. She began her undergraduate studies at the University Of California, Los Angeles to study medicine. Her disorder took a raging turn when it began affecting her academics and her social life. She experienced periods of despair where Jamison’s thoughts became racy and rapid, and her days felt dreadful. â€Å"For each awfulness in life, however, I seemed to have been given an offsetting stoke of luck† (Jamison, p. 45).Show MoreRelatedMental Health And The Stigma Of Mental Illness3249 Words   |  13 PagesConfronting Stigma Related to Mental Illness This paper is an analysis of mental health and the stigma that is associated with mental illness. The reputation accompanying mental illness causes detrimental effects on those with a psychiatric disorder, such as discrimination, poor health outcomes and social suffering. This is partly due to a lack of public education on the matter, along with attributions of violence related to mental illness caused by news reports. A multi-faceted campaign to increaseRead MoreStigma Of Mental Health Illness Essay2033 Words   |  9 Pagests our study of the stigma related to mental health illness. There is a lack of research investigating the portrayal of psychologists, those affected by mental illness and issues of mental health; this lack of research prevents any interventions from being made to protect those at risk. â€Å"With the continued portrayals of therapy in the media, it is important to consider how these images may affect attitudes and beliefs that can contribute to help seeking be havior†. (Maier, et al., 2013, p.1). AlthoughRead MoreMental Illness : The Stigma Against Mental Health2273 Words   |  10 Pagescontributors for poor healthcare is the stigma against mental health. This stigma allows healthcare providers to view those with a mental illness as having low relevance, thus creating disinclination towards providing adequate resources and/or care. This negative stance, based on misinformation and prejudice creates those that have a mental illness to lose their self confidence. Because of this loss, people with mental illness decide not to contribute to their health or livelihood. In the past fiftyRead MoreThe Stigma Of Mental Illness1602 Words   |  7 Pagescenturies have seeked to improve care and reduce stigma around those with mental illness. This began in 1942, when Harry Truman signed the National Mental Health Act, which requested the formation of a National Institute of Mental Health. Shortly after this, in 1949, the National Instit ute of Mental Health was established (â€Å"National Institute of Mental Health†). During the company’s 60 year lifespan they have focused on research about mental illness, educating the public, and improving the lives ofRead MoreReducing Mental Health Stigmas1195 Words   |  5 PagesReducing Mental Health Stigmas According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the United States of America experience mental illness in a given year (NAMI, 2017). Out of those adults, not all will seek out mental health services. If there are services in the community being offered, why are the services not utilized more often by these individuals? There may be many barriers that preventRead MoreA Proposal For Anti Stigma Training Program861 Words   |  4 PagesHealth care providers, in general are viewed as trustworthy and non-judgmental individuals who care for others with sickness and in health. On the contrary, individuals with mental illness have different experiences with health care providers. One article reported that these individuals feel incompetent and unworthy to be cared for after their clinical visit. These psychological factors may prevent patients to seek future care until they are in crisis. In addition, health care providers’ negativeRead MoreThe Stigma of Menta l Illness1656 Words   |  7 Pagesdiagnosis might exacerbate the stigma of mental illness. In Corrigan’s study clinical diagnosis adds groupness for the collection of people with mental illness which worsens the level of prejudice (Corrigan 34). Corrigan states that this ultimately leads to overgeneralization, as there is an assumption that all individuals diagnosed with the same mental disorders behave the same way (Corrigan 34). According to Corrigan the stereotypic description of mental illness perceives to the public that, peopleRead MoreMental Illness And Its Stigma1363 Words   |  6 PagesMental Illness and Its Stigma â€Å"One in five adults in America experience mental illness,† (Mental Health, n.d., para 1). Many people define mental illness as a characteristic that makes one irrational or delusional and derives a belief that those who have mental disorders are not suffering from a real disease, resulting in a negative view of those who suffer. There are three ways to defy this stigma that everyone, from media producers to the sufferers themselves, must participate in to break downRead MoreAlicia Kate O. Borja. English 27 A. Andre Dominic Peralta.1260 Words   |  6 PagesAlicia Kate O. Borja English 27 A Andre Dominic Peralta Reducing Stigma in Mental Health Conditions Background on Mental Health Mental Health is often used as a representation of mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and others. According to the World Health Organization (2016), mental health is a state of well-being wherein an individual has the capacity to realize his or her own potential, can manage with the normal stresses of life, can work efficientlyRead MoreThe Stigma Of Mental Health Care Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesMental health issues have been an ongoing hot topic in this country for over a century. Though many strides have been made to increase awareness and lessen the stigma, there continues to be a barrier to mental health care, especially for our nations’ youth and young adults. I will be discussing the history behind mental health care, current policies regarding it, how the presence of stigma reduces the likelihood that youth and young adults are receiving the adequate mental health care they require

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The Conquests and Legacy of Alexander the Great Essay

Alexander III of Macedon, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, is one of the most legendary figures in our history and in the history of the world. His conquests and endeavors echoed far and wide, bringing about new eras and ideas to the world. Alexander earned his place in the world’s history and is worthy of the title ‘The Great’ because of his military prowess, his idealism and his legacy. During the course of his life and reign, Alexander had fought and won many battles and wars, defeating many kings and warlords throughout the ancient world. Perhaps his most recognized conquest was of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia and its ‘King of Kings’ Darius III during the Battle of Issus 1. After defeating the Persians at the Battle†¦show more content†¦At a young age, Alexander believed his destiny was to exact revenge on the Persians for the burning of Athens 7, but as his campaign became longer and longer, his ideals changed and his vision for the ‘new world’ came into existence. His vision for a united Macedonia, along with conquered countries being absorbed into the empire, came with the prospect of global trade routes, intermingling of the Persian and Macedonian cultures and people, and interracial marriage between royalty of Persian and Macedonian empires 8. His vision was far more ambitious than what the Macedonian leaders had sought after: he attempted to combine the two greatest powers in the known world to create an even greater power 9. He was an idealist because where his predecessors had aimed to keep the Macedonian race ‘pure’ and rule all empires, including the Persians; Alexander sought to include the massive Persian population into the empire, utilizing their unique skills and culture, which would only benefit the kingdom as a whole 10. His many attempts to integrate the Persian people into his own included using Persian soldiers in his ranks, promoting interracial marriage, and even marrying 2 foreign princesses to better consolidate his vast empire 11. While his many attempts ultimately failed and the fragile alliance between the Persians and Macedonians fell apart, hisShow MoreRelatedWhat Legacy Did Alexander the Great Leave Behind?933 Words   |  4 PagesAlexander the Great’s actions and decisions have significantly impacted upon the world during his time, ultimately leaving b ehind a legacy that can be affiliated with the westernization of the globe. He helped bring the western civilization, which included the scientific and liberal thinking of the Greeks to much of the rest of the world. He introduced a study of science for science’s sake to the nations and he is also considered as one of the most successful military commanders in history, for byRead MoreAlexander the Great Essay 91181 Words   |  5 PagesAlexander the Great Alexander the Great was a king and conqueror. He is commonly referred to as â€Å"the most powerful leader of all time.† What is it that makes him such a powerful leader? What has he accomplished that has made him so significant? Were his accomplishments positive or negative? These are all questions that when combined as one create a debate that has been going on for decades. There are those who admire Alexander’s military achievements and ability to carve out the largest empireRead MoreAlexander The Great, Son Of Philip II Of Macedon1387 Words   |  6 Pages Alexander the Great, son of Philip II of Macedon is one of history’s most controversial figures in relation to his character and methodology. His legacy is a subject still discussed and assessed by many scholars, as it is one that has left its mark on the Ancient World and its stigma, positive or negative, is still felt today around the world. However, there is no controversy that Alexander was an individual with a plethora of abilities and traits that understood and assessed situations, and hisRead MoreAlexander the Great: the Man, the Life, the Legacy Essay example1465 Words   |  6 PagesAlexander the Great: The Man, the Life, the Legacy History is full of remarkable characters. Whether they were noble or unrepentant in their actions those were what made them immortal through our recorded history. One such character is Alexander the Great. Some have accused him as a drunken killer who wanted only to have the world under his rule. Others deem him as a kind-hearted man who wanted to better the world by spreading the culture of his people. The decision of what is in the right andRead MoreAlexander The Great Of The Russian Empire969 Words   |  4 PagesThere are few topics in history that garner more attention and study than Alexander the Great. Almost everyone in the western world has heard of Alexander in school, books, or in other cultural depictions. However, his effect on the history of the world cannot be overstated. Alexander’s empire had an effect on people from the Balkans to Egypt, and from Babylon to India. His empire resolved the long standing conflict between the Persians and Greeks, established mul tiple cities across the Middle EastRead MoreAlexander the Great Essay1358 Words   |  6 Pagesman named Alexander III of Macedon or more commonly known as, Alexander the Great. His father, King Phillip II, took the throne of Macedonia in 359 B.C.E and was able to turn Macedonia into the strongest military power in the entire Greek world. Macedonia was a state in the north eastern region of Greece. Alexander III of Macedon was born in 356 B.C.E in Pella; the ancient capital of Macedonia, Alexander grew up in the shadow of his father’s success in transforming Macedonia into a great militaryRead MoreAlexander The Second Of Macedon Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesAlexander the Third of Macedon, commonly referred to as Alexander the Great, was king of the Ancient Macedon a Greek kingdom upon his father s death in 336 BCE. Alexander was born the son of King Philip of Macedon in the Greek city of Pella in 356 BCE. He succeeded his father and took reins of Macedon at age twenty. Alexander spent a large majority of his ruling years on an military campaign through Asia and northeast Africa. By 326 BCE at the age of thirty he lead one of the largest empires ofRead MoreHayden Hawkinson . Mrs. Heflin. English 6 - 6. March 2,1143 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 6 - 6 March 2, 2017 Alexander the Great â€Å"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.† Alexander the Great is the smartest and fiercest military leader that has ever lived. His military wisdom and fierceness led him to being a great leader of Greece, conquering all of Asia Minor, conquering the Persian empire, and ruling the biggest empire the world had ever seen before 334 BC. This led him to being a great Greek leader, being a fierceRead MoreAlexander IIi Of Macedonia Truly Worthy Of The Title Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesWas Alexander III of Macedonia really worthy of the title â€Å"†Great† or was he just a megalomaniac conditioned into this belief by his followers? Well, if you consider his military legacy which is almost as large as the swath of territory he conquered spanning from modern day Greece to northern India, or the fact that his over 2,000 year old combat tactics are still being taught at military academies the world over, I don’t believe the word â€Å"great† would be too far from imagination. When AlexanderRead MoreThe Legacy Of Alexander The Great1596 Words   |  7 Pagesman Alexander the Great. He became a warrior by the age of sixteen and was a king at twenty. He did things during his existence that others could only envisage about. Alexander was a man who was both wrathful and compassionate depending on the day. He single-handedly transformed the tide of the world in a little over a decade, and inadvertently may have shaped how the entire world has grown. I believe he perfectly exemplifies the qualities of a person whose leadership and legacy has had great effect

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The Mass Deception Of Advertisements And Media - 1016 Words

We are all aware of the mass deception in advertisements and media. We are all outraged at this deceit and manipulation of distorted, â€Å"perfected† and idealized images. And we are all guilty of this illusionary world we live in. Several studies point out that it’s not the social networking sites themselves that inspires states of disconnection, jealousy and envy – rather, the specific uses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr that create these deceiving photos. We complain about the photoshopped images of models in advertisements that are beyond recognition. But are we any better? Aren’t we, ultimately, talking about ourselves? Scroll through your photos on any social media platform - I am assuming you have an account as 72% of all internet users use a social networking site. How many photos are natural? I bet 80% aren’t! I’ll be honest: I looked at my Instagram photos and I could not find one natural photo. Not one single natural photo – and I have lots of photos, trust me. More than 58 million photos are posted on Instagram daily and over 350 million photos on Facebook! Guess how many of these photos have been manipulated? 50%? Wrong. 95% of the photos either have a filter or have been altered i.e. something on the photos has been cut away, made smaller and/or made bigger. Fellow human beings, friends, we continuously share photos of our ‘oh so exotic’ holidays, our ‘oh so delicious’ food, and our ‘oh so chic’ iPhone 6. You can’t tell me that youShow MoreRelatedCulture in Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer’s Book Dialectic of Enlightenment609 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception† is a chapter in Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer’s book â€Å"Dialectic of Enlightenment† it goes onto discus the conflicts presented by the â€Å"culture industry.† Adorno states that the culture industry is a main phenomenon of late capitalism, encompassing all products from Hollywood films, to advertisements, and even extending to musical compositions. Adorno is very deliberate in noting the term â€Å"culture industry† over â€Å"mass culture† this was done to specificallyRead MoreTruth : The Search For Truth Essay879 Words   |  4 Pa gesobjective. Bok maintains that it is paramount to avoid â€Å"intentional deception.† She asserted, â€Å"intentionally deceptive messages, and this deceit can have important consequences on those being deceived.† Intentional deceptions, in fact, prevent people from accessing choices; this makes them â€Å"powerless† (Gordon, 2011). So, perhaps â€Å"truth†, or a certain level of truth, should exist in advertising, via intention to avoid deception (Gordon, 2011). However, if advertisers, through marketing goals,Read MoreThe Culture Industry : Enlightenment As Mass Deception By Adorno And Horkheimer1086 Words   |  5 PagesAdorno and Horkheimer’s essay â€Å"The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception† (1944) describes culture industries, such as film, radio, and magazines, as ideological mediums of domination that reduce consumers into passive subjects. As members of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory which critiqued post World War II Western modernity, Adorno and Horkheimer viewed the culture industry’s standardization and mass production as mechanisms of control under Capitalism, an economic system meantRead MoreThe Media Has A Negative Effect On Women1338 Words   |  6 Pagesare all heavily influenced by society as well as the media. The things that the media in culcates into our minds are the things that we contemplate very often. Every time we see a celebrity or a model on television or a magazine we want to be just like them. Sadly, we cannot be like them, as much as we tried. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we cannot define beauty based on what the media portrays even though many women do so. The media has a negative effect on women and throughout the yearsRead MoreAudience Is A Term That Used To Describe A Large Group1602 Words   |  7 Pagesconsumers who are usually united by their participation in the use of media. Mass media audience can be a person or a group of people who use or are attracted by a certain type of mass media such as newspapers, radio, TV, internet resources, etc. it can conclude both publics of a certain newspaper, radio channel, journal, website or even a single text of media (radio programme, TV programme, etc). As being part of the mass media system, the audience are sufficiently independent. Most of the timesRead MoreAdvertising Vs Society : Close Your Eyes Essay1550 Words   |  7 Pagessubconscious? In a single day, individuals are exposed from 500 to 1,000 commercial messages across all kinds of media; these outlets include: television, radio, internet and magazines. Although society is exposed to a number of ads in a matter of hours, less than half of these are noticed or taken into account, or at least that is what most of us think. Advertising is a method of mass promotion in which a single message can reach millions of people in a blink of an eye. Ads have become a collectionRead MoreMedia Portrayal of Women and Its Effects1187 Words   |  5 Pagesideal image of a woman has changed drastically, which can be directly attributed to the powerful persuasion of media. This ideal image has transformed from a voluptuous, size 14, 1950’s Marilyn Monroe to a 5’9, 100 pound, 1990’s Kate Moss. The most shocking aspect is specifically what young girls are now doing to achieve this â€Å"Kate Moss† image. Through the utilization of advertisements and stars on the big screen, this female portrayal directly targets the physical and mental well-being of femalesRead MoreHow Characteristics Of Culture Maintain Capitalist Society1664 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to examine how characteristics of culture maintain capitalist society. I will be using Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer’s The culture industry: enlightenment as mass deception, as the backbone of my analysis. This will be accomplished by assessing aspects of society such as: monopoly capitalism, the entertainment industry and relevance to modern day society. This paper argues that capitalism transformed culture into an ideological means of domination, and acts as brainwashingRead MoreThe Moral Dilemma Of By Stephen Covey1180 Words   |  5 Pagesto see it.â₠¬  â€Å"Inception† explores the moral dilemma of deceiving one’s perception via inception – planting a seed of an idea that will grow, change and define an individual. Therefore, inception revolves around bypassing the Ego’s â€Å"firewall† via deception; the incognito manipulation of the Ego to convince that an idea was constructed with free will. This autonomous germination of an idea is necessary for it to, as Eames describes, â€Å"grow naturally in your subject’s mind†, thus bypassing our psychologicalRead MoreBarbie Dolls, By Mattel, An American Multinational Toy Company1217 Words   |  5 Pages In consequence, women who are outside of these norms can never conform to this ideal. Not only is the beauty myth perpetrated through dolls, but it is spread through other mediums, such as the mass media. A growing body of research indicates that exposure to white, thin models, ubiquitous in the media and advertising, leads to increase in body dissatisfaction amongst many women (Grogan, Williams, Conner, 1996; Irving, 1990). In 2014, actress Lupita Nyong’o (Time, 2014) confessed the pain of feeling

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Yankee State of Mind free essay sample

I understand that you might not be a Yankee fan, and you might not agree with anything that I am about to say, but I ask you to at least give me a chance to explain myself. I revolve everything I do around what time the game is on, when I do my homework or when I go out. When the games are on the West Coast, I stay up until the end no matter how tired I might be the next day. Not only do I watch the wins, but I also watch the losses always hoping for a comeback. This is not the first time I have had to explain myself for being a Yankee fan; actually I have to do it almost every day of my life. Boys don’t believe that I, a girl, could possibly know more stats then they do, or that I can name the full roster when they themselves cannot. We will write a custom essay sample on Yankee State of Mind or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They think it is fun to challenge my knowledge, thinking I’m just a classic â€Å"Jeter girl† (female Yankee fans who like the team simply because Derek Jeter is cute). For example, yesterday, a boy wanted to argue, â€Å"Jeter doesn’t deserve a Golden Glove (a prestigious award for excellence in defense awarded to every position in each league).† I readily silenced him with hard statistics, knowing off hand that Mr. Jeter had a career-low eight errors over 150 plus games during the 2009 season, could this boy find a better candidate? No, he had no support for his argument whatsoever! This serves as proof of the intangibles that true baseball fandom bring to an individual, or at least, have brought to me. I can formulate and support an argument with facts much better as a result of the hours spent enraged at the inane comments on sports radio. Just as I can call upon stats to make my case for Mariano Rivera’s inevitable induction into the Hall of Fame, I know that I must call upon historical facts and legal precedents when I enter a debate in government class. Another common debate that can’t be supported with facts arises with the question, â€Å"Is there such a thing as clutch hitting?† Here, I can turn to my studies in AP Psychology. As I read about psychosomatic symptoms, I become more aware of just how deeply the mind affects the body. If I can’t use statistics to prove that clutch hitting exists, I will instead turn to science. Hitting in a clutch situation causes a player to be worried about the at-bat, causing him stress. When a person is stressed, there is an imbalance in the hormones which the body needs to repair which may or may not have a negative affect on the at-bat. Being a Yankee fan or a baseball fan in general, has helped me in many aspects of my life. It has provided me with an escape from my daily routine and an outlet to relax. It has also allowed me to parlay the passion I feel as a fan into my other endeavors. I might start by seeing the world through baseball diamond glasses, but in the end I am able to understand the world around me in a new context, with the confidence of a champion, and the passion of a fan.